What is Keramas?

Indonesian translation; 

  • To Wash
  • To Cleanse
  • To Purify

Keramas Body Care is an Australian based skincare company. Our products are made from natural ingredients to help improve the condition of your skin. 


Why should I be exfoliating?

Keramas 100% natural coffee scrubs are packed with goodness from the highest quality ingredients formulated to gently exfoliate and revitalise your skin.

Exfoliating removes dead skin, helps unclog pores, even out sink tones, will help other skincare products penetrate deeper and will leave your skin soft and smooth. 


Why Coffee?

Well, coffee is loaded with antioxidants and is well known for increasing blood flow and reducing stretch marks. It is a natural way of exfoliating away dead skin cells. 


What scrub is best for me?

All our scrubs can be used on all skin types however there are additional benefits based on added ingredients. If you are unsure what scrub is best for your skin type, reach out to us and we can help.


How often should I scrub?

We suggest scrubbing 2-3 times per week for best results.


Does Keramas test on animals?

Absolutely NOT!!! We only test on humans.